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Many Windows 10 users with the last two versions of the system may have noticed, that the appearance of the Parameters application has changed: now a panel with information about the user name is displayed at the top, email address (for How to remove arrows from Windows 10 shortcuts a Microsoft account), the status of individual Windows 10 services.

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It is not customary to save on the cable: if it does not withstand the design loads, so its not far from the fire.

You can download pages to your phone and view them offline.

These free tools are websites to which you simply insert a web address and get information about its authenticity. The SD card has become the most convenient way to recover data nowadays.

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New generation SD cards for How to remove arrows from Windows 10 shortcuts portable storage devices provide faster read and write speeds, as well as considerable space at an affordable price.

We explain, what to pay attention to when choosing.

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