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Making an Android backup in the cloud is the most convenient way to create backups. How to send all files to the cloud, we will tell you in the article. But with the new View Network Properties feature in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Settings app, you can now get most of the same information., without leaving the GUI.

Old version .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Repair Toolbox – a set of programs for solving problems with the OS which is required for work, as a rule, programs and games not supported by developers for a long time, it is not included in the current versions of Windows. Visit to read the full article How to connect TikTok to Apple Music on iPhone and iPad Speaking of adding cool audio to your clip, wouldnt it be better to connect TikTok to Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad so that you can access the entire library directly from the video sharing app?

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d The Ipconfig command.

Visit to read the full article Control Panel windows 10 internet Options Image: In previous versions of Windows, the best way to quickly get detailed information about the network during a troubleshooting expedition was to run the command line and use the good old word.

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Naturally, meaning, that the operating system was installed from the original distribution image. You will also discover some information, which is not available using the Ipconfig command. Lets take a closer look.

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If you liked some playing music or song, including on YouTube or in another video, but you dont know the name of this this music, today there are many opportunities to identify a song by sound – that is, to find out the name of a musical composition by its melody, at the same time , regardless of, is it music without words or a song, consisting mainly of vocals (even, if it is executed by you).

With non-original distributions, everything can be different: the operating system can contain several versions.NET Framework, including the old 3.5, and it can be delivered without separate pre-installed system components according to the type of a stripped-down Windows build.

Windows 7 and 8.1 systems must be installed with the integrated version 4.5 of the software platform .NET Framework, necessary for the full operation of some programs and games.

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