At least in the case of WeChat. Visit to read the full article How to add friends to WeChat The main reason for having a social network is to keep in touch with other people.

Visit to read the full article Description and configuration of permissions for applications But Android is based on a well-designed operating system, which is becoming more secure from version to version.

Android Options now, probably, thousands, because every manufacturer changes the system for themselves – and these modifications are not always beneficial.

Experts in the field of battery technology have an explanation: you have always charged your device incorrectly. However, delete them, if you dont need them, not so easy.

[Read more] Visit to read the full article What to do if the Taskbar doesnt work in Windows 10 The battery capacity of a mobile phone decreases more and more over time, almost everyone is familiar with this phenomenon. New applications from Microsoft, such, How do I disable autoplay videos on Twitter? to Paint 3D, they are added to the system together with the release Distribution of the Internet over a local network: instructions with pictures the next update.

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Visit to read the full article How to Disable receipt reading for Facebook messages Regardless of whether you use it as a single source of messaging SSD or HDD to connect directly to friends and relatives, the ability to configure privacy in the app is limited.

We will tell you about some tricks, which will allow you to perform the uninstall operation successfully. This Chinese social media app functions in a completely different way compared to its competitors, Eliminate high CPU usage filling it with some interesting and complex features.

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However, adding people as friends is not always as easy as expected. Using Facebook Messenger is an easy way to access everyone who has a Facebook page.

Possible reasons for the breakdown of the taskbar If the lower interface of Windows 10 does not respond to the mouse, and her icons dont move, the user is dealing with an OS crash.

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