But you know for sure, that no program is currently using this file. Windows often blocks attempts to delete a file, while issuing the message Cannot delete file since it is being used by some other process.

Learn how to fix excessive CPU usage by Google Chrome Assistant. You can follow the mentioned tips to reduce the percentage of CPU usage for chrome helper.

In general, enabling AHCI mode allows you to increase the speed of hard drives and SSDs in the system, mostly, Secrets of modern PC 2.0: how to provide impregnable PC protection due to the advantages of NCQ. The AHCI mode of operation of SATA hard drives allows you to use NCQ (Native Command Queing) technology, DIPM (Device Initiated Power Management) and other features, such as hot-swapping SATA drives.

There are various third-party solutions, allowing you to read SMS messages on an Android phone from a computer or laptop, and also send them, for example, an application for remote control of Android AirDroid. However, recently, there has been an official way to send and read SMS messages on your computer using a service from Google.

Smart TVs are no different from computers and hackers have you noticed your yahoo! has mail been downgraded? already learned how to run the command prompt in windows: 4 simple ways to hack them. We tell you, how to protect your source of TV series and news.

Facebook Marketplace is a mix of small advertisements and a flea market, located next door. If you liked this article therefore you would like to acquire more info concerning 3 ways to download videos from instagram please visit the web page. We will tell you about, what is behind such a definition and how you can find really great deals.