Fortunately, there are just a few simple steps to learn how to add an Emoji keyboard to iPhone 5. If other iPhone users have sent you messages with small pictures, you may also be wondering how to do it.

Even if you send a stupid video or a clumsy chat message, no one will be able to share it. Its become very similar to how to remove black bars on the edges of the screen we use the phone as a microphone for the computer communicate in real life. Thanks to Snapchats short video messages that disappear as soon as the recipient sees them, conversations on the internet have become more familiar than ever.

We talk about three ways, how to take a screenshot from the macbook screen: using a keyboard shortcut, built-in utility and third-party applications.

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You can use channels for quick file sharing and How to set up Firefox: First steps chat, as well as hold online meetings. Microsoft teams can help your team or company work more efficiently.

You can easily clear the cache of a website or page. Learn how to encrypt local iphone or ipad backups in windows to view the cache size and the amount of memory occupied by websites in the Samsung Internet browser.