To be honest, Apple Maps arent perfect. If you dont know, how to check a bu iphone, then we recommend taking a friend with you, who understands Apple technology.

Devices are not eternal. How to implement it – the article tells.

First of all, you will need: Visit to read the full article Is it worth buying a used iPhone – all the pros and cons Several necessary accessories will also come in handy, which will help to thoroughly check the gadget.

In the latest version of Windows 10, several new items have appeared in the context menu of files (depending on the file type), one of them is Send (Share or Share in the English version.

That is why router users sometimes need to change the Internet protocol of one of the two identical devices. Visit to read the full article I put Chrome OS on my laptop.

Visit to read the full article How to remove the Send (Share) item from the Windows 10 context menu I suspect, that the translation will be changed in the Russian version soon, since otherwise there are two items with the same name in the context menu, but by a different action), when you click on which the dialog box is called Share, allows you to share the file for selected contacts.

Here are a few basic ways Every router has an IP, which is assigned by the manufacturer. After 5-6 years from the date of purchase, How to unblock sites in Chrome? (5 working tips) he risks becoming a pumpkin at all. Visit to read the full article How to disable automatic maintenance of Windows 10 system Often, after moving away from the computer for a while, you may notice, that he began to make a lot of noise with fans is a sign of automatic maintenance.

Fortunately, there is a much better app for navigation and real-time traffic reports called Waze.

Visit to read the full article How to add Waze to Apple CarPlay Apple CarPlay is an amazing feature that allows you to get navigation from Apple Maps. It contains instructions for changing such an address manually using Disabling the firewall in Windows 10: all 8 ways example of a device from D-Link. Visit to read the full article How to Change your Apple ID Payment Card on iPhone 11 to change the IP address of the computer and How to unblock sites in Chrome? (5 working tips) router. However, if there is a need, for example, in that, so that two devices function in the same subnet, their IP addresses should be different.

And he was transformed Even the most sophisticated laptop turns into a mid-level computer in a couple of years.

Automatic system maintenance by default, Windows 10 starts daily, when you are not using your computer, at The best phones with a good camera up to 15 same time, the tasks of updating individual applications and OS elements are performed, system scan, defragmentation and optimization of HDD and SSD drives.

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