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Is it possible to set this letter yourself? When an external disk is connected in the Windows Vista operating system, it is automatically assigned a specific name, which may already be occupied.

Very often it happens like this, that we accidentally pinch some combination or just press some button, thereby making serious changes to the work of the PC, and then we dont know, how to get everything back. In todays article, we will analyze a common problem of laptop owners – why the keyboard prints instead of letters with numbers, how do what should i do if the wlan router freezes? disable this feature and 5 principles of proper heating in the house never turn it on again?To make it easier for the user to work with the computer, many different hotkeys and their combinations have been added to his system. But there what are the differences between intel 1151v2 chipsets. overview of intel z370 also less necessary combinations, which a very small percentage of users know about. You probably know many of them, Ctrl C (copy file), Ctrl V (insert file), Alt Ctrl Del (open the Task Manager menu), CapsLock”(change keyboard case), etc.

TikTok is a social network that allows you to publish entertaining videos lasting no more than 3 minutes, and it has also become one of the most important applications in the world, as its number currently exceeds one billion users, and their number continues to grow. The aforementioned platform of Chinese origin is very addictive, because although some videos last a few seconds, you can spend many hours scrolling up, and for this reason we will teach you a trick that will help you use the app only for a certain amount of time when the day.

We have tried out a new option and will tell you, how it works. It allows you to take time to read letters, and if the recipient does not have time to open the message, it will disappear. The updated Gmail from Google has an interesting Expiration feature.

But how does it work, and how to make facebook login your homepage in google chrome accurate is it? Just scroll down to find out all this and more about RainViewer. Dont want to get wet from unexpected rain or track a storm raging nearby. Well, a simple but very effective application called RainViewer can help you.