However, cases are not uncommon, when an attempt to install a second operating system results in, that the BIOS does not load. When you turn on the computer, the BIOS starts first and only after turning it on, the operating system starts loading.Theoretically, since Windows boots after the Bios, reinstalling the operating system or adding another OS should not affect the normal operation of the BIOS.

Windows may forget about updates for many reasons What should I do if the time on the computer gets lost? can you do and what tools will help you troubleshoot, we tell you in the article. One of the reasons for this may be a virus. It is impossible to imagine a phone without contacts, because we cannot and cannot remember more than a few phone numbers.

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The BIOS does not load: instructions for solving the problem BIOS is the Basic Input/Output System, the heart of the computer, without which the normal operation of other components and software is impossible.

But first lets understand the reason for this. However, the truth is that Mac is more likely to be infected with a virus/malware than Windows. [Read more] Visit to read the full article After saving the bios settings, the computer does not boot

A common misconception is that Mac is immune to viruses.

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Tell us, what is the difference between similar models, and at the same time How to send Disappearing WhatsApp Messages in 2021 to check, does your laptop have a built-in modem?

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